If required, each ECoSDetector can be supplemented by a ECoSDetector Extension module, which can be easily connected to the ECoSDetector. Every ECoSDetector Extension module offers 32 transistor outputs.


Each one of the 32 outputs provides current up to 100mA max. Since these outputs are conducted as „open collectors”, you are able to connect either small light bulbs or LEDs with current limiting resistor directly to it.

The total current of all outputs must not exceed 1.5A! Any DC or AC transformer (15V – 19V) can be used for supply.

Track occupancy and block signals

Outputs can be used to display the state of each single-track section externally (e.g. on the track control panel).

Alternatively, you have the possibility to show each track section’s state on the display via a block signal (red/green).

The transistor outputs of the ECoSDetector Extension module can be easily programmed within the required operational mode via your ECoS command station.

Track control panel

However, the combination of the ECoSDetector and the Extension module is capable to do even more: Just go ahead and built your own track control panel! To make this possible, you need to connect push buttons or toggle switches to the ECoSDetector´s outputs, which is then able to operate turnouts and routes over the command station.

The transistor outputs of the Extension module are meant for illuminating track sections. The whole configuration procedure can be easily completed on the display of your ECoS command station.

If you wish to built a larger track control panel, you can also combine several ECoSDetector modules. In doing so, you are able to built and control up to 100 track control panels per layout.

Weight 0.1548 kg