For many modellers running their trains in the garden smoke generators are a must. Besides sound reproduced by the LokSound XL decoders one finds the exhaust smoke synchronous with the exhaust chuffs most exciting. Prototype diesel locomotives also make their presence known by clearly visible exhaust fumes.

Although our LokSound XL decoder can handle many commercially available smoke generators we would like to recommend our new smoke generators. Both work perfectly with the LokSound XL V4.0 and LokSound 5 decoders.

Integral electronics control both the fan and the heating system of the smoke generator. Since we did not forget to include a temperature sensor the amount of smoke is independent of the track voltage. We have also made sure that nothing will burn if the tank is empty.

The amount of smoke and the revs of the fan can be determined by the LokSound XL V4.0 decoder. Of course both steam smoke plumes as well as typical diesel exhaust plumes can be realised. The steam exhaust plumes can be synchronised with external triggers or can be determined by the LokSound XL decoder. If you do not wish to use an ESU decoder you may still use the smoke generator:  It also accepts commands via the SUSI interface.

The small smoke generator (zero track) is 39.2 mm long, 25 mm wide and 29.1 mm high and is made of temperature-resistant plastic. Thanks to various, cut-off fastening straps, it should be possible to install it in many locomotives.

Weight 0.0695 kg