If you’re going to build your LEGO® Back to the Future Time Machine, why not do it with some lights? Step back in time and faithfully recreate your LEGO® DeLorean using Light My Bricks.

Everything in this Light My Bricks light kit has been thoughtfully designed to faithfully bring the iconic DeLorean from the big screen to life. 4 warm white Astro Lights transform the DeLorean’s headlights, powerfully lighting up the road that lies ahead, and an additional 4 Astro Micro Lights power up the rear.

But you won’t believe your eyes when the DeLorean reaches 88 mph and blasts off into the future! 14 Astro Micro Lights fit perfectly underneath the DeLorean’s trans light blue plates, casting an electric glow around the car. And we haven’t forgotten about Doc’s Flux Capacitor – an additional light fits perfectly inside, powerfully illuminating it for your time travel journey.

We guarantee that once you go Back To The Future with Light My Bricks, you’ll never want to come back!

This isn’t just an upgrade. With Light My Bricks, it’s a lighting revolution. Crafted for the creator in you, the rebel who never followed the rulebook, and the visionary already dreaming beyond the possible, our Back To The Future Time Machine light kit is the lighting your LEGO® deserves. Whether you choose to light as you build, or after, our reimagined 3D installation guide has been crafted for clarity and ease, so every step is straightforward and fun. With no prior electronics knowledge required, the power truly lies in your hands.

Kit Contents:

  • 4 x Astro Light Micro Warm White – 15cm
  • 7 x Astro Light Micro Cool White – 15cm
  • 8 x Astro Light Micro Cool White – 30cm
  • 4 x Astro Light Regular Warm White – 15cm
  • 1 x Astro Light Regular Cool White – 15cm
  • 2 x Belt – 30cm
  • 1 x Dock 6
  • 2 x Dock 9
  • 1 x Tether 1×2
  • 1 x Tether 1×8
  • 2 x Eclipse
  • 1 x Flux Belt – 60cm

Assorted Bricks:

  • 1 x Slope, 30 1×1 x 2/3 – Trans-Clear
  • 4 x Plate, 1×2 – Trans Red
  • 2 x Plate, 1×2 – Trans Clear
Weight 0.25 kg